Hours of painstaking deliberation, complemented by in-depth audience research in the form of a survey in the bathroom during my going-away party, have led to the conservative but, I think, wise decision to let my blog’s name remain as ‘A Small A. Mount’.

There were some strong contenders for the title.  ‘Amy Oh My’ was an amusing suggestion, though ultimately perhaps too frivolous as a heading for my serious reflections on the future of the Earth and its inhabitants.  ‘The Sermon of the Mount’ scored highly, largely due to the persistence of its author, and while it has a nice ring to it, I worry I might come across as a little… preachy.

Variations on the A.Mount theme were many; the most popular were ‘A Significant A.Mount’ and ‘A Considerable A.Mount’.  Worthy candidates too, but I couldn’t help feeling that A Small A.Mount was just so fitting.  I am still, and suspect always will be, petite in stature; and even though I was concerned this title might come across as somewhat diminutive, I was swayed once again by the initial explanation for this blog’s title.

Moving to a new continent does demand some sort of recognition, however, so I have revamped the design and provided a new title photo, which I would like you to consider with me now.  Mount[ain]s in the mist, or at least hills.  Under the cloud is Edale, my home village, which is still there, even though I can’t see it from this side of the Atlantic.  Above the cloud: blue sky, a good place for idea-gazing – not always, but from time to time – as often as you see it in Edale, say.

You can only see the tops of the hills (Back Tor, Lose Hill, Win Hill, I think), but it’s surprising how often what feels like just a small amount can turn out to be something much bigger.  Sometimes you feel as if all your efforts are only making a small amount of difference, but then you find yourself in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, advising Ed Miliband’s adviser on how to communicate about climate change.  Or you write a few words of a blog and begin a Twitter-storm that puts pressure on Downing St and helps to keep the Climate Minister at the UN climate negotiations, where he’s got an important job to do.

Lastly, it appears that Ivy League life can be hectic at the best of times, so it’s likely I’ll only have a small amount of time for blogging.  But this is where I’ll scribble some insights into what I’m thinking about climate change, politics, the US elections, and being an English girl in New Haven.