I’m sitting at the back of the main plenary hall, settling in for an afternoon of talks from various environment ministers, including our Ed Miliband, the UK’s Energy and Climate Change minister who arrived in Poznan yesterday.  Today is the beginning of the “high level segment” – the big cheeses have arrived and the conference is becoming more newsworthy.

Hard to tell what, if anything, has actually been achieved so far at this conference.  If anything comes out of it, it will emerge during this “high level segment”.

On the plus side, we were having our UKYD team meeting yesterday evening, sat cross-legged in a circle in the conference’s main atrium, when we spotted Ed Miliband and Nick Stern (of Stern Report fame – the UK government report that shows it’s far cheaper to tackle climate change now than to try and adapt in later years) standing not far away.  Casper and Guppi sidled along and started chatting to one of Ed’s aides, but couldn’t get to Ed himself, so came back and joined us.  We started to get back into the meeting, when Ed came striding up to introduce himself!  He said it was great to see us and we must meet up (hopefully tonight) and did we want a photo?  We were, like, ok, we can probably spare a minute or two…