Yesterday, the UKYD launched a 24-hour phone call campaign to get Gordon Brown to push for a strong EU deal on climate change when he meets European heads of state in Brussels today.  We made a video (see below) and spread it far and wide via email.

We coordinated this action with some youth delegates from other EU countries – on the way back from the demo in Warsaw on Tuesday, we were filming people from Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland and Belgium.  When we launched the campaign at 12 noon yesterday, we set up a hub in the conference centre, where the air sizzled with excitement, people plugged into their laptops, conversing through Skype, trying to get through to their respective heads of state and then phoning their friends to encourage them to do the same.

It felt amazing to be part of such a big movement!

The response from the Downing St switchboard was not great to begin with and got progressively worse, to the extent that people phoning today were promptly passed onto a pre-recorded message the second the words “EU climate package” or “leave a message for Gordon Brown” had escaped their lips.  This contrasts with the experience of the Swedes who phoned their Prime Minister, who got through to his secretary.  She offered to pass on their message and wished them luck with their campaign!

The European heads of state are due to discuss the Climate Package from 4pm til 8pm today, but word is that the talks will stretch into the night and there probably won’t be a concrete resolution until Saturday.  That’s not good news for the negotiations here in Poznan, which desperately need the EU to step up and take the lead so others will follow.