Got up at 4:45am to wake everyone else up with a cup of tea and leave for Warsaw.  Four hours later, about one hundred of us, wrapped in scarves and stamping our feet to ward off the chill, were standing outside the building where the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk were meeting to discuss the EU’s Climate and Energy Package.

We’d all got up at this ridiculous hour to send a strong message to these heads of state, that (mainly young) people from across five continents need them to help create a strong Package.  Merkel, who had been creating an image for herself as something of a “climate queen”, appears to be succumbing to car industry lobbyists and trying to water down the deal.  Tusk is being similarly awkward, as 93% of Poland’s energy comes from coal (not the fuel of the future, we reckon).

We had a fun demo, with a few speeches and a “Fossil of the Day” ceremony, in which Merkel and Tusk were awarded the Fossil prize (for the countries doing the most to stall progress towards a strong deal on climate change) and we did a bit of a replay of the stunt we’d done in the conference centre last Friday.  Thankfully, it was miked up this time, so no sore throat.  Quite a lot of press there.

Trying to go to bed earlier tonight but not doing well so far.  Can’t wait for a lie-in next week.  Funny though, because I don’t feel mentally tired – there’s too much to do!