I know I keep going on about Babs the landlady, but here’s another snippet:  we arrived back late-ish today after the Polish government’s welcome reception (most of the drinks had disappeared by the time we got there and there was a severe shortage of veggie food), to find two plates of home-cooked cakes and a note saying

“Hallo our Herrows!  Gut appetit.  Here you are 🙂 all 4U”

First day of the conference today, and the first ever “Fossil of the Day” award.  That’s an event run by the non-governmentals and youth, done in a big cheesy way to flag up countries that are blocking the negotiations or being particularly awkward or hypocritical.   Today it was presented to Poland, because the Polish Prime Minister’s speech at the opening ceremony went on about how Poland was doing loads to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.  This got a few sniggers amongst some people in the room because Poland is being really annoying in talks in the EU at the moment, stalling agreements on the proposed Energy and Climate Package that’s currently being discussed.

We’re working on building up a co-ordinated group of youth delegations from EU member countries in order to specifically target the EU when it’s being rubbish (which it is at the moment, despite insisting that it’s a world leader on climate change.  Countries from the G77 group (developing countries) are being a lot more constructive).  Got a big meeting coming up tomorrow with EU youth delegates, which I’m looking forward to.

Bed now… zzzz…