Just arrived at our B&B with the lovely Barbara.  The sleeper train pulled into Poznan at 8am this morning and we stepped out into the sunny, fresh, cold Polish air – quite a relief after 10 hours on one train from Cologne!  Lugged our stuff out of the station and found the taxis – and who did we meet in the queue but the UNFCCC Secretariat!  That’s the people who organise the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.  And there’s a big sign above the station saying “Good Climate for Talks” and we saw another one along the road saying “Poznan – the place to be”.

Slept really badly in a squashed compartment with 6 beds but when I got into the corridor in the morning, the view was stunning.  We were hurtling past pine forests laced with mist, the sky opening up as the sun peeked over the horizen and caught the bottom of a few traces of cloud with orangeness.  Occasionally, an isolated farmhouse would whizz past, or we’d pass through a sleepy town of multi-coloured houses and asymmetric roofs.

So much space!  Huge expanses of fields, black soil, puddles reflecting the dawn sky, four deer looking up bemusedly.

Then the sun rose, an orange ball perched on the horizon.

This time yesterday, I was leaving our house in Cambridge, dragging all my stuff to a geography practical class (with Lucy’s help!).  Now I’m in Barbara’s B&B in Poznan!  Very short of sleep but too excited to have a nap.