As is evident from the fact that I haven’t blogged for ages, things are getting increasingly hectic as the departure date approaches…

My fundraising target has been reached!  Any extra money I end up with will go towards bursaries for next year’s UK youth delegation to THE BIG ONE – the Copenhagen conference.  That’s where (hopefully) the new global agreement on climate change will be signed.  This year’s negotiations in Poland are crucial for crafting a new agreement (to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012) that will work.

I’ve got a pile of origami boats on my bedroom floor, each with a message to the UK negotiators at the Poland conference.  I got a good few from the ever-supportive people of Edale, who came to my house on Sunday expecting coffee and cake and found themselves folding paper into boats.  Then I set up a table in my college bar last Monday and loads of merry students came and made some more.  If you’d also like to join in and send a message to Poland urging our government to fight climate change, you can follow the instructions here, make your own boat, write a message on it and post it to: UKYD c/o Otesha, The Hub, 5 Torrens Street, London ECIV 1NQ.  And hey presto, you’re part of the political process!

Even the Cambridge weather is helping me prepare for Poland, by obligingly chucking down snow-rain from the sky so I can acclimatise.  Planning on hitting the (charity) shops for some woolly jumpers, although bit of a dilemma – do I wear woolly jumpers and keep warm?  Or leave them off and go for smartness over comfort?  May be I could wear a woolly jumper under my smart clothes and pretend I’ve eaten far too much sauerkraut.