I think this blog’s title needs a bit of explaining.

My name is Amy Mount.  My sister’s initial is also “A”, so we’re always opening each other’s post.  She’s younger and taller than me, so of the two A Mounts, I’m the smaller.

So that’s the pun bit (thanks to my English-studying housemates).

But the title works on other levels too.  For example, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could emit just a small amount of carbon dioxide per person?  Or use just a small amount of the world’s resources each, seeing as there are 6.6 billion of us who need to share them?  But use those resources in a creative and productive way?  Studies of “happiness” suggested that as national incomes rise, people tend to get happier, but only up to a point.  After average income rises above $15,000 per person per year, there’s no corresponding rise in “happiness”.  So may be we don’t need to consume large amounts of stuff in order to feel content.

Each of us can feel pretty small when faced with BIG issues such as climate change.  I was frustratedly trying to explain to a friend how I can’t seem to fit all the intertwined problems of the world into my head, let alone think about finding a solution to them.  But he pointed out that was a pretty ambitious task to set myself, and that something humans are quite good at is sitting down together and talking things over, and sometimes we generate ideas that are bigger than the sum of the little ideas that each person has.  So the small amount of thoughts I have might contribute to something bigger.